Animals Car Services proposes to you


For professional customers

        -   Any transfer between veterinary surgeons, including Tierspital

        -   Any transfer between animal groomers and expo

        -   Open to any other suggestion.


For the private customers

        -   Transfer from your residence to your veterinary surgeon

        -   Transfer from your residence to the animal groomers

        -   Deal with your animal in case of death

        -   For walks (maximum 2 dogs).

        -   Delivery food and stuff to your home

Animals Car Services also proposes holiday packages in your residence for the         

    following animals:

        -   Cats

        -   All rodents

        -   Birds

        -   Fish

        -   New kind of pets (snakes, spiders, etc. if not dangerous)

This service includes:

        -   2 visits per day (1/2 hour per visit)

        -   Meals

        -   caring (drugs, cleaning litter, brushing, affection, etc)

        -   collecting mail - watering your plants

        -   a phone call will be given to you 1 time in the week for news


    For the possibility of keeping a puppy during the day, call Animals Car Services in order to see the availabilities.

 Means at disposal

  1. A new SW non-polluting car with a particle filter, air-conditioned and equipped with a navigator GPS to quickly locate addresses. Equipment in connection with the transport of pets (cages, leashes, muzzles, etc).
  2. Direct cell phone
  3. Willing and available to work on Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons with advance notice, and Sundays in case of emergencies.
  4. I'll listen to your goals and concerns about your pet and take care of your requests personally.

The best quality of services and care for your pets




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