General conditions of "Animals Car Services"                                                                                          April 2007

  1. First of all, we will set up an appointment with you at your residence in order to establish a bond of confidence with you and your animal. The day of the appointment, Animals Car Services takes note of all the instructions, arrangement for check in and check out of your keys for the visit and the home services requested at your home. Together we will fill out a questionnaire with essential information that will help us offer our best services.

    For access to your residence: You will leave a duplicate of your keys with Animals Car Services at the beginning of the services and they will be given back to you at the end of the services or according to your wish, they could be returned to your caretaker or a neighbor you trust.

  1. A service form will be filled out and signed for all the services (visit in residence, dealing with the animal, package holidays, any transfer, etc)
  1. Animals Car Services does not offer credit services. Payments are to be paid by cash or "bulletin de versement" at the beginning of the services requested or by invoice according to our agreement. Credit cards are not accepted.
  1. During the walk the dog is kept on a lead. For a maximum safety up to 2 dogs per walk.
  1. Animals Car Services reserves the right to muzzle dogs with aggressive behavior.
  1. Animals Car Services ensures to collect the animal's waste on the public way for a clean city.
  1. In case of an emergency, like accident or disease, during the period of our services, Animals Car Services will inform you immediately and will take the animal to its veterinary surgeon or, if necessary, the veterinary surgeon on call.
  1. The expenses of the visit to the veterinary surgeon will be the responsibility of the owner, who agrees to refund "Animals Car Services" on presentation of the receipt.
  1. The medical care and medicine will be managed by Animals Car Services with prescription validated by the veterinary surgeon or with the complete responsibility of the owner.
  1. The animal under service must be vaccinated and must have a notebook of up-to-date vaccination.
  1. The rates listed in this website can be modified.


These conditions guarantee to you that:

  • My priority is to ensure and observe the conditions described above for the wellbeing of your animal.
  • The identity of the owner or any other information relating to your privacy, the access to your residence by the handing-over of your keys or the knowledge of the code of entry will be confidential.
  • Prohibition to use any objects, furniture and/or utilities that are not closely related to the service(s) you have requested.
  • The animal will be quite neat in your absence (meals, cleanliness, etc)
  • The animal will be taken to your veterinary surgeon in the event of an emergency and I will point out any unusual behavior noted that occurs at your residence during the required service.

These conditions and guarantees are given to all the customers before each required service.

Animals Car Services is a privately run by an individual contractor, Jean-Jacques Béguin, and assumes professional and legal civil liability.



Copyright (c) 2007 Animals Car Services. All rigths reserved.